Rexroth type switching electromagnet

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Rexroth type switching electromagnet MFJ6-54YC
Rexroth type switching electromagnet MFJ6-54YC
Rexroth type switching electromagnet MFJ6-54YC
model MFJ6-54YC
Rated voltage (V) 110 220
Power frequency(Hz) 50
Rated suction(N) 54
Rated stroke(mm) 3.6
This series of electromagnets is applicable to the control circuit with AC 50Hz and voltage up to 380V. It is used as the power element of hydraulic electromagnetic directional valve. The product is licensed by BSO Control Technology Co., Ltd. and is matched with Rexroth’s six and ten diameter screw connected solenoid directional valve。 Normal operating conditions ● It can be installed in any direction。 ● There shall be no gas and dust that can corrode metal and damage insulation in the service environment. Otherwise, the service life of the product may be affected。 ● Electromagnet is suitable for long-term working system and intermittent periodic working system。 ● The reasonable fluctuation range of power supply voltage is 85% - 110% (special requirements can be put forward when ordering)。 ● Enclosure protection Class IP65。

   Main technical parameters



                        Rated voltage (V)

                        110 220

                        Power frequency(Hz) 


                        Rated suction(N)


                        Rated stroke(mm)


                        Full stroke(mm)


                        Withstand static oil pressure


                        Starting voltammetry (VA)


                        Holding voltammetry(VA)


                        Operating frequency (T/h)


    Order code

Valve electromagnet


Design serial number

Rated suction(N)







    Stroke force characteristic curve


    Outline and installation dimensions

    product model:MFJ6-54YC

   Anyang Kaidi Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd     

    Precautions for use

    ●  The electromagnet adopts socket conforming to iso4400 standard. There are two specifications: with indicator light and without indicator light. You can choose according to your needs. The voltage specification of the socket with indicator light must be consistent with the voltage specification of the electromagnet body。

    ●  The manual push rod of the electromagnet is used for manual control during commissioning or in case of emergency. However, when the back pressure of the system is high and it is difficult to adjust, please use a cross screwdriver to slowly push the manual push rod. Impact force should not be used to avoid damaging the surface of the manual push rod and the guide inner hole, resulting in oil leakage of the electromagnet or failure to reset。

    ●  When the system requires low noise, or the cleanliness of oil cannot be guaranteed during use, and the fluctuation range of power supply voltage exceeds the normal demand, it is recommended to choose AC integral electromagnet。

    ●  When two-way electromagnets are used, it must be ensured that the two electromagnets cannot be energized at the same time, so as to prevent the solenoid valve from working normally。

    ●   An overcurrent protection device shall be set between the electrical control system and the connecting part of the electromagnet to avoid burning the electromagnet and your electric control components under abnormal conditions。



    Sample description

  •             If customers have different needs, under the condition that the performance of the electromagnet remains unchanged, the connection size between the electromagnet and the valve body, the extension length of the push rod and the working power supply voltage can be adjusted according to requirements。

  •             The characteristic curve is for reference only。

  •             The main performance parameters are obtained under the test conditions. The company reserves the right to modify parameters。