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KAIDI Culture

37 Principals For Survival

1. Customers provide us food and clothing. Deceive customers is to destroy themselves.

2. The good state is better than the strong capacity.

3. State cannot take the place of capacity. Delay is worse than messing things up.

4. Management responsibility is greater than the responsibility for execution.

5. Discovering problems and settle them down is the first step to be engaged in management.

6. The management is always collision and struggle.

7. The innovation is to deny ourselves continuously.

8. Handling incident means that the manager neglects his duty, while doing such things repeatedly exposes his incompetence.

9. The one who comment a thing right or wrong is manager.

10. The manager either promotes or restricts the development of companies.

11. To do subordinate things for manager is never excusable.

12. Employees are closest to the “truth”. Getting “truth” is necessary to avoid the managers astray.

13. Details and attainments cannot accomplish at one stroke. The details and attainments of the manager determine  the life quality of team.

14. Withholding information, delayed information and transferring incomplete information are all guilty to company.

15. The market does not give us a chance to correct the mistake.

16. Nobody can be away, anybody can leave. Cherish the staff is the responsibility of the team, while avoiding  individual conflicts is the dignity of the team.

17. The problems of the lower level are also the higher levels; the problems of the lower level are valuable to the  higher level.

18. Anything related to the interests of employees is matters.

19. Any work must have the first responsibility. It is forbidden for two people manage one thing at the same time.

20. There is “Just in case”, no “Just right”. Thinking about “Just in case” frequently makes everything well.

21. It is a hidden danger of destroying the company to form cliques.

22. The one who wants to do something is always thinking of a way, but those who don’t want to do anything are  always finding reasons.

23. Someone who is always complaining about “I have no idea right now” must have had no way in the past and he  is doomed to no way in the future.

24. We communicate with each other as equals. Just do it unconditionally. Give the employees pressure and don’t  make them depressed.

25. Only the result is what we need, not any explanation.

26. Making tings simple is your capability.

27. In our dictionary there should be no such words: “lose no time”, “almost”, “to the best”, “no way”.

28. You should be responsible for your job at first if you want the company do the same to you. 

29. What the company needs are the doers to solve problems, not the critics who always say something without  action.

30. In out team, those who always say “I don’t know”, “I couldn’t dot” should be ashamed of themselves.

31. Only doing what others don’t want to do and even they couldn’t do, our company could gain a foothold.

32. There is no grudges and regrets,  even though we fail as long as we do things seriously.

33. Adaptation means change. Change begins from adaptation.

34. We cooperate with the ones who approve of us, while those who don’t accept us please go away.

35. KAIDI will make you some criticisms and restrictions if KAIDI is responsible to you.

36. KAIDI using human (middle-level above) requirements contemplative faculties, organization ability, willpower,  communication ability and outbreak ability.

37. The career of KAIDI, which does not like to do grandiose things to impress people and not anxious to achieve  quick success and get instant benefits, but an industry to do it alone, needs that we devote to our whole lives.